Earth Day Booth Reservation Letter

Dear Earth Day Vendors and Educators,

EARTH DAY SANTA CRUZ will begin taking booth registrations for the 2015 event in the fall. Please check back then!

If you would like to be added to the vendor communication email list, please send a request to Hannah Hodgson



Please note that there is NO access to a power supply at the event. Vendors are responsible for supplying their own event infrastructure including canopy, tables, chairs, displays, and an independent power source if you need one. A booth space reservation gets you one 10’x10' designated area in the park at Earth Day Santa Cruz.

Once you’ve signed up:

You will receive an informational packet via email approximately one month before the event which will include "day of event" logistics including loading / unloading procedures and times. Please be sure to include an email address that you check frequently when registering so you do not miss any announcements. Earth Day Santa Cruz is a rain or shine event. If we cannot use San Lorenzo Park due to rain or flooding, the event will be held in the parking lot of the County Building on Ocean Street.

Keeping Earth Day “Green”:

In keeping with a strong environmental commitment, the event will be zero waste and with a solar powered stage. All registrants must indicate in their application what environmental educational message or product you will be promoting at the event. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify vendor applications that do not have an environmental message to convey or product to sell. We require that all wastes (bags, to-go containers, cups, drinking straws, etc.) generated during the event must either be recyclable or compostable. Please note that for this event, containers made from polystyrene (such as Styrofoam) and polylactic acid (PLA) are not considered recyclable or compostable. No plastic water bottles or single-use plastic bags are allowed to be sold or given away at the event. If you have questions about how to make your booth waste free and/or how to locate compostable containers and bags please call (831) 420-5424
Alcohol is prohibited at this event except for that sold by the identified and permitted alcohol vendor. Dogs on leash are allowed. Smoking is not allowed in San Lorenzo Park.

If you have any questions regarding vending at this event please contact Hannah Hodgson at (831) 420-5546.

We look forward to seeing you at Earth Day 2015!

Earth Day Organizing Committee